Painting Trends for a Designer Home, Inside as well as Outside

painter and decorator work table with house project Home painting is in many ways like fashion – the range of the textures, the hues and the sheen used on the exterior and interior walls of homes is governed by painting trends in a way that is very similar to the colors and the patterns that fashion trends tell us to wear. If you are currently in the process of browsing paint colors and textures to find the best fits for your home interior and exterior, here are a few tips from Denver painters about how to make your home look really trendy.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Black and White

A combination of black and white is just perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. There is no need to use them in blocks only – you can create stunning patterns that work wonders on walls with lots of problem areas, such as dents, cracks or greasy spots. A black wall with a white rim looks cool in spaces with natural colored furniture as well – the dark background and the fresh natural colors on your furniture can create a spectacular room.

Berry Colors

Raspberry pink, strawberry red, blueberry purple – these bold colors are great for creating a fresh atmosphere. Be bold when you choose the color of the walls, then tone it down with some softer hues on the furniture and in the decorations.


This calming and sophisticated color is perfect for indoor spaces where you go to relax, such as the bedroom as well as for stylish exteriors. The neutral, but classy hue can be paired with white, beige, cream for an even more harmonious look.


All shades of grey are trendy. Darker shades are great if you want to achieve a more dramatic look, inside as well as outside, while lighter hues work best for interiors that are embellished with colorful décor elements, such as ornamental pillows and paintings and for exteriors that are not too embellished.

Sunshine Yellow

A cheerful and cozy color that inspires a positive attitude, the shade associated with sunshine works great indoors and outdoors as well. When used inside, you can pair it with blue and green ornaments, when used outside, you can combine them with windows and doors of any color, all combinations will look great.

Minimalist Pastels

Pastel colors are also safe to choose – they never go out of fashion. Sandy pink is great for a feminine interior, while mint works just great on outside walls.

Using a Palette

Color palettes help you choose various shades of the same color that you can mix and match to create the desired impact. You can use the palettes to choose the color of the interior decorations as well as for the furnishing and the decoration used outside.

To create a really attractive space, a home that has your signature everywhere, just unleash your creative self and don’t be afraid to play with colors. The hottest of all painting trends right now is boldness – buy a few drops of the colors that you like, apply them on your walls, combine them, play with them and the combination that really represents you will emerge soon.

About the author: Ethan Hicks