Popular Window Treatments in 2022

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Different styles of shades, multiple functions, smart features and a variety of textures make up most of 2022 window treatment trends. Some sub-trends may even include: durability, soft fabrics, bright colors, warm undertones and minimalistic features. In addition, safety and environmentally-conscious options have become very popular since the beginning of 2022 and draperies/curtains have been completely replaced by wood blinds and shutters.

Design and Smart Options

A custom window treatments Denver company near me offers options that are innovative, earth-friendly and elegant. Moreover, there is a wide selection of colors provided by all brands in the industry.

Low-maintenance and locally sourced materials have been very sought after since 2021. However, voice control and remote command remain the main attraction in the industry. Most brands partner with Amazon Alexa, Samsung smart devices and Google Home apps to deliver customer satisfaction. Smart options include preset schedules and timers meant for leaving home scenarios.

Important Solutions

Multiple layers of insulation and energy-efficient solutions are becoming highly appreciated for the benefit of saving on energy bills. In addition, stylish frames, multiple power sources and ventilation systems connected to blinds are making a note-worthy comeback.

Light-filtering cellular shades with temperature control features are highly recommended for those who are vitamin D deficient. Conversely, blackout shades made of dense materials are favored by customers who value their privacy and prefer blocking out the sun.

Popular Systems

Motorized skylights are mostly featured with precise systems that allow for complete control via phone apps and remote controls. Similarly, wire-free shading systems hold invisible technology also known as concealed automation. In other words, it is an optimized battery-powered system that is designed to be quiet, discreet and efficient.

New Technology

Light-absorbing technology is another trend that is currently dominating the blinds industry. The reason for its increased popularity is that smart solar blinds are eco-friendly and have been advertised as the future of an environmentally-conscious society. They significantly reduce carbon footprints and have become well integrated into smart home technology.

Furthermore, textile technology is being tested by consumers who are looking for something new and fresh. Textured fabrics, for instance, are being sought after due to their smooth and soft qualities.

Trend-Worthy Shades

Cordless shades are also very fashionable in 2022. They are pet and child-safe as well as highly affordable.

Safety shields are a complete novelty and the direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are designed to protect from viruses, germs and bacteria. As a prime example of cutting-edge technology and innovation, safety shields are being aggressively promoted as the main trend of 2022.

Another trend-worthy product is the roller shades that provide great functionality and UV ray protection while allowing natural light to still fill the room. They are also aesthetically pleasing and featured with thermal barriers.


All in all, the focus is on enhanced security and ambiance. Electronically controlled shades have already been very popular for several years in a row. Moreover, blocking harsh sunlight and creating a soft glow are also among the main trends for customers in 2022.


About the author: Ethan Hicks