What Are the Best Brands of Barbecue Grills You Can Get at a Good Price?

friends having outdoor barbeque at home

When it comes to planning a fun and exciting backyard BBQ, finding the best brands of barbecue grills is an essential part of the recipe. If you never threw a barbecue before, and you never owned a grill in your life, however, this process can be a little more challenging. However, with a little research and an aim to orient yourself towards finding the best grills on the market, you can’t go wrong with your choice.

What to Look for in a New Barbecue Grill?

For many of us, the smell of delicious burgers and vegetables being grilled outdoors represents the symbolic scent of summer, as more and more of our neighbors start using their grills to prepare some of the most delicious dishes you can think of. If you too want to join their ranks, you’re going to need your main tool first. But how do you select it from the myriad of other barbecue grills available on the market, and how much can you really spend on it?

Before even getting started on trying to find a new grill, it’s important to figure out exactly what to look for and what your style of grilling is (or will be). Are you rather interested in cooking everything on an open flame? Do you want to just leave the meat on the grill and walk away for a few hours while it cooks? Or maybe you prefer an indirect cooking style. There are grills designed to satisfy each of these preferences.

The next thing to consider is the type of grill you want to buy. The best brands of barbecue grills are often considered to be gas grill, but this isn’t a rule that applies to everyone. Aside from gas grills, there are also electric, charcoal and infrared grills to consider. Each of these has its own specific benefits. For example, while charcoal grills offer great variety and many different designs to choose from, infrared grills are far superior when it comes to adjusting the exact temperature you need for grilling.

A few other things to look for is a burner that’s strong enough for the size of the grill, sturdy materials used for the cooking grids, highly polished seams, good warranties and excellent reviews.

Some of the Top Brands and Products You Can Opt for

Now it’s time to take a closer look at some of the best grills and barbecue grill manufacturers you can consider for your budget:

  • When it comes to barbecue cooking, very few manufacturers can compare and compete with the Weber brand. Weber’s Performer Deluxe model has become one of the top ranked barbecue grills in the world.
  • Char-Broil models are known for their practical efficiency and low cost. You won’t find many cheaper and sturdier models than their dual gas/charcoal grills.
  • The Huntington series is also somewhat more affordable than most grills. It’s easy to get a good quality gas grill from Huntington for less than $200.
  • For a retro design with a higher end feel to it, you can also opt for models such as the Portable Kitchen PK or the Big Green Egg luxury grills available in a variety of sizes.

There are, of course, many other brands to look forward to, especially if you want something more unique, or are willing to pay more. However, most grill store Denver experts will agree that these are the best brands of barbecue grills available.

About the author: Ethan Hicks