How Do Roofers Handle Emergency Roof Repairs After a Severe Rainstorm or Tornado?

It would be great if you could have your roof repaired during a storm, before any water actually gets through to your attic and walls. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, and attempting anything like that can be very dangerous when you’re facing a powerful storm. The good news is that the response of roofing professionals has evolved a great deal in recent years, so if you need a fast repair job right after the storm has passed, then you can get the support of plenty of dependable and professional roofing technicians.

The Consequences of Roof Damage

If you lived in an area with frequent thunderstorms, hail storms or tornadoes, you already know that storm damage is not to be messed with. A storm can severely damage your shingle roof and even do a number on the most durable tile roofs. Flat roofing systems, whether built by residential or commercial roofing experts, can also be affected, and a sturdy metal roof will probably be the one that escapes with the fewest damaged areas.

  • The main problem after a storm is the flashing. This is where water could seep through to your attic most easily, as the flashing is the part of the roof that is placed at valleys and around chimneys to prevent leaking. Flashing damage has to be addressed quickly, especially if a new storm could be arriving the very next day.
  • Pooling is important to deal with if you have a flat roof. While water tends to flow off a sloped roofing system, flat roofs accumulate rainwater in areas that are dented, so these pools have to be cleaned and repaired as soon as possible.
  • Missing shingles will make your roof very vulnerable, since the water will go straight to the underlayment and decking when it rains. Shingles that are simply cracked or broken also have to be addressed sooner rather than later to prevent further problems down the line.
  • Storms can also weaken the durability of your roof and cause them to be vulnerable in the face of future storms, which will end up shortening the roof’s lifespan. Make sure you have a roofing professional inspect your roof after a severe storm to provide you with insight on maintenance and preventive repairs.

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How Do the Best Roofers Respond to Emergencies?

If you want to hire the best roofing companies in Tyler Texas, make sure that they specialize in emergency roof repairs. They should be located close by, in your local area, so they can address the issue as soon as you call them. Also, they should have outstanding support representatives and be able to explain what the problem is in laymen terms, so you can make a quick and informed decision.

The most dependable roofers will arrive at your home quickly, inspect the roof in no time at all, and provide you with accurate written estimates. It’s very important to get a written quote and make sure your roofer is licensed. Also, if the roofing contractor asks for more than 10% in advance, that should already get a few alarm bells ringing, since you could be overpaying for the service or even being set up for a scam.

About the author: Ethan Hicks