Should You Consider a Metal Roof?

The coating systems made of metallic tiles are among the most used for residential buildings. You’ve surely heard of all sorts of opinions, but it is good to know the real pros and cons of choosing a metal roof.

Metal tiles are obviously made of metal, coated with a zinc layer and a colored polymer that mimics the well-known appearance of the common tiles. Probably the greatest advantage of this type of roof material is its versatility, which allows it to be used on almost any form and roof structure. There is also a wide range of accessories to support this adaptability.

Advantages of a metal roof

  • Longevity – the life expectancy of metal roofs is estimated at about 50 years, although they can last much longer if they are maintained properly.
  • Metal tiles can be used irrespective of climatic conditions, in areas with temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius.
  • It is precisely the resistance to various temperatures that ensures the possibility to install a metal roof or to work on repairing it at any time of the year
  • The lightweight of a metal roof is an advantage for its structure which doesn`t have to bear extra loads or require reinforcements
  • The wide range of colors can satisfy the tastes of most customers
  • Good quality – price ratio
  • Good resistance to the devastating action of fire

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A metal roof provides value to the building

The installation costs of a metal tile roof can be recovered to about 75% when selling the building. For example, if the average cost of installing a metal roof is about $ 16,900, if the house is sold, its value may increase by up to $ 14,000, which means a substantial investment return. Roofing companies in Centennial CO can give you a detailed estimate of the cost of metal roofing for your home or business.

Using metal tiles, you can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. Metal is not a very good insulating material, but it is reflective (which means that it reduces your house temperature during the summer) and, with adding adequate insulation, it can also help you reducing heat costs in winter.

A metal roof increases the safety of your home

Unexpected situations may occur at any time. Lately, in view of the capricious weather caused by global warming, the real estate insurance has become mandatory. The quality of the roof is one of the factors influencing the cost of the insurance, and a metal roof will surely reduce its costs, due to all the provided qualities and advantages.

Obviously, the list of advantages is long, which makes a metal roof a good investment. However, there are also a few downsides related to this roofing material that you should know about before opting for it.

First, the metal itself has no insulation properties, neither thermal nor acoustic. To ensure proper indoor comfort, a metal roof must be secured with adequate insulation layers. But the biggest drawback is the metal`s rather low resistance to mechanical impact. Hail is a phenomenon that may scratch or dent a metal roof. If these damages remain unaddressed, they may cause rust, corrosion and premature degradation.


About the author: Ethan Hicks